segunda-feira, 23 de maio de 2011

Registration of Trademarks, Patents and Domains on the internet in Brazil.

The registration of a company's brand may be more important than you think, for even promoting the opening of the company and after some years with the established brand and known by both consumers and suppliers as suddenly, you receive a subpoena to change the name of your company because that brand was registered by a company that just emerged.
The company name is only valid in the state it was registered to the company, the logo, the brand that will work to strengthen shall be protected by trademark registration is very similar to the ownership of property, only those records you own. It is misleading to ignore that your brand is not strong enough or because you are small is wrong, no matter the size of your business.
The investment in the brand currently represents a significant importance. One day it may be worth more than you think.
Brand is all distinguishing features used to identify products or services that it explores, to the consuming public, being a basic requirement for their existence, the novelty and originality, with respect to the earlier marks. The brand serves to distinguish products and services for a company and especially its trade name.
Since the patent is directly connected to a product, it is something concrete, visible and palpable.
There is still the domain on the Internet. Protecting the brand name or company to have a site with the same name is necessary so that there is trouble in the future. There are several cases in which people register names of others, then attempt to negotiate, are called "cyber squatters" is an act of piracy and quite frequently.
The lawyer Marcos Camargo, the office of attorney Jose Humberto, recommends that one should regard the Internet as a revolutionary element, which is why protecting the brand on the Internet is also more necessary is essential.

Jose Humberto - lawyer

domingo, 22 de maio de 2011

The solution to pollution is everyone in the city of São Paulo.

The city of São Paulo has been facing heavy rains this summer.
Despite the work done by the city, the high volume of rainfall has exceded the last year.
The traditional areas of risk are always warned.
The population participated very little in solving problems.
The mobilization is still small. As each person doesn't realize it has responsability for the common welfare of these floods will remain.
Do not worry about the hassles with other people is leading us to this state, such as littering.
Pollution is mad by each of us.
The role played on the floor is the start of blockage.
Then comes the couch, leftover food, old clothes, leftover building materials.
When we see the flood "pet bottles" and all other floating rubbish thrown.
This is a shame for every one of us, not only for the city.

José Humberto - lawyer

Noisy animals should be removed from apartments

Although regulations allow condominiums in Brazil to stay in small animals in apartments, such provision shall not prevail when a resident feel uncomfortable. Certainly no animal should live indoors, especially apartments. Besides affecting your physical health, animals suffering from various disorders.

Often these animals, especially dogs, in such circumstances, become aggressive. In most cases the pets are left alone all day, whose loneliness, lack of exercise and sometimes dirt, causing incessant barking in dogs, which in addition to their suffering, upset residents and other building employees, who are not required to live with it.

To make matters worse, the stench coming from this apartment irritation, discomfort and even embarrassment to other residents and visitors, as many times for the pet owner to be used, the stench also reveals unhealthy.
In such cases, could be considered mistreatment of animals to leave them alone for long periods.

In the lawsuit taken by residents of building condominiums the Court of St. Paul (Tribunal de Justiça de São Paulo), which one of the most important court of Brazil, has decided on the withdrawal of animals that produce noise above those permitted by current regulations. This decision is based on injury to the right to peace and disturbance of peace of neighbors. Failure to comply with such decision, may bring the pet owner to pay a fine.

José Humberto - lawyer